Cover Artist


  • Your illustration should be 8.5” by 11” (or Larger)
  • Your illustration should be portrait (up and down) rather than landscape.
  • Please leave a roughly 3” by 6” area of space somewhere in the top half of the illustration so we can put the title
  • Please refrain from using words and letters; these will usually draw eyes and distract people from your artwork, which we want to be the main focus.
  • You may use any tools you want: paints, colored pencils, digital illustration is more than welcome.
  • Please incorporate a finch (even if it’s very small) somewhere into your illustration.
  • You should strive to make your cover art colorful and eye-catching, but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • The actual illustration is up to you. You may create whatever you want (scenery, abstract, etc.)
  • Our Color is a red, look at our logo for reference, if you wish to use a different color scheme email us First!
  • Questions? Feel free to email us:


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