Issue 9

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Editor’s Letter:

“Dear Reader,

You’ve done it again! We have once again been thoroughly impressed with the short stories, poetry, creative writing, and art submitted to us by the PCS community. This semester, we received many submissions that tackled a variety of subjects, in a number of different forms. PCS writers and artists have certainly showcased an immense amount of advanced talent in this issue. We’d like to recognize senior Katie Sarna, for gracing us with her beautiful artwork included as the cover of this issue.” … Continue reading


Missing You By Devin Alessi

“WARNING: graphic content

The following story contains graphic imagery, mentioning blood and bruises. If you or anyone you know is experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek help from Ms. Rivers or any other trusted adult, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. To learn more about warning signs, and what to do in a crisis situation visit


February 26th, 2019, at 2:05 PM

missing you used to be a nuclear war in my chest cavity

the nightmare where you’re falling” … Continue reading

Fallen By Anonymous

“READER DISCRETION ADVISED: The following poem describes feelings and emotions associated with death and loss. If you or anyone you know is having difficulty coping with emotions surrounding the loss of a loved one, please seek help from Ms. Rivers or a trusted adult. If you or anyone you know is experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts,call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. To learn more about warning signs, and what to do in a crisis situation visit

From the lemon trees to the sea,

The fish, the birds, the sand,

The waves flowing across the shore.” … Continue reading

Summer By Anonymous

“The best thing about Summer

Is the friends you make in an instant

From the mutual knowledge: “We’re going to be sisters for a week”

And the secret joy of having someone” … Continue reading

The Expanse of Nothing By Anonymous

“If there is one God, then humans are praised once. If there are two gods, then humans are praised twice. If there are no gods, then humans aren’t praised at all.

If there is one God, then humans are punished once. If there are two gods, then humans are punished twice. If there are no gods, then humans are forever free of punishment.” … Continue reading

Untitled poem By Claire Bourdow

“For sale: clock. Used. Good condition.

Never been touched, only stared at.

Exclusively by the faces of boredom. 

Faces longing to be let out.” … Continue reading

A Question of Consciousness By Abigail Goodman

“I have never really seen myself

I have only seen my reflection in the mirror

Or the other reflection 

That bounces back at me every time I am.” … Continue reading

Vignette- A love story By Katie Willson Sarna

“Monachopsis – The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

Our town was always bustling, with everyone constantly in a rush to get somewhere. But it was never alive. Never, never alive.

The only rest we felt was when there was nothing left to do, feeling such a strange, empty space in our lungs when the structure of our lives seemed to fall away.” … Continue reading

Arnold King By jackson tarbox

“The worst person I ever met was a man named Arnold King.

He would fight and bite but would never push his son on a swing.” … Continue reading

Sticks are all around By Penelope West

“Sticks are all around” … Continue reading


Senior Art Spread- Desmond Aron

Senior Art Spread- Sonia Langouev


Setting Sail By Isabella Goodwin

“The summer breeze drifts, softly caressing my face, and flowing to fill the sails. The sea is calm today, the white caps of waves only appearing in the distance. I had set sail not long after we met, falling in love with everything about him.” … Continue reading

trust in procuring a lavender umbrella & other such delicacies By Rina Rossi

“They trust me. Through the colossal, light-bulb shining LLIB Department Store, windows reflect my quick figure. My sharp pumps clank in a clean, rhythmic fashion on the marble floor, exquisitely constructed by the finest artists in Re Freshe. I tread my pumps up 5,600 of the LLIB’s cumbersome steps, perhaps kicking a few stones off the step’s edges on the way since I was in a terrible hurry to procure my items.” … Continue reading

Julia and the Sailor By B.W.

“Figure as thin as a spindle, skin as pale as ivory, eyes as green as gooseberries, the breathtaking grand matron, Julia, stood strongly in the attic of her towering gothic manor. Through the timeworn glass of her marble and brass telescope she gazed across the grounds of her property, towards the bay where just beyond Carp Cove she saw the Pequod, her lover’s ship. Like a fly in a spider’s insidious web, Julia was bound to a relationship she wished to evade. Julia was sensible and knew she could not run away from her sailor bridegroom, because she had been promised and her dowry paid.” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

Factory By The Alec

“It is six in the morning. I turn on the heater, it’s exceedingly loud but I only pay attention to the heat it gives me. The gas bill may come in one day, but the heater will still function. Only money is lost, no work is given. I tell the lights to switch on and they do, I tell a robot to clean and it does. Of course, I am frustrated when one part does not work, the direction of the blame is obvious.” … Continue reading

Preclusion By Kai Tao

“Preclusion implements Quine


The death of a King: Charles XII—surely soon to exchange his erroneous dozen with a more fitting “the great”—died on November 30, 1718 by a bullet to the brain… in the night… in the trenches… 


Those notes hold a recursive pattern when arranged/edited in the right way: but there is no time to do a Beethovian expansion upon them now. They were to be a celebration, let them stick into your mind, improve/discard them, but remember: my requiem.” … Continue reading

Staff Credits:


Rina Rossi

Assistant Editors

Sophia Wright
Ella Rintoul
Owen Fletcher


Owen Fletcher
Bailey Lenington
Dellaraam Pourkeramati
Ella Rintoul
Katherine Sarna
Anya Sherriff-Norton
Sophia Wright


Desmond Aron
Collette Harrison
Sonia Langouev
Katie Sarna (Cover Art)
Brendan Waters

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