Issue 8

Front Page:

Editor’s Letter:

“Dear Reader,

As always, we have been blown away by the immense amount of talent exhibited by students who contributed to this issue of The Finch. Firstly, we would like to recognize the superb level of artistic aptitude in PCS students, which is made perfectly clear by the illustrations included in The Finch, and this issue’s cover art, made by the phenomenal Desmond Aron, a senior. This semester, we received an extraordinary amount of writing submissions, which took the form of poetry, short stories, and memoirs, written by students from every grade at PCS. It has become exceedingly clear to us that our student body is full of future authors and budding wordsmiths.” … Continue reading


Redwoods By Anonymous

“There used to be redwoods-
As big around as the house you live in
And twice as tall as the ones we know.” .. Continue reading

Lacking By The Big Hat

“Go to that street.
See it?
a streetlamp that will never be fixed
no kids out playing.
glass on the street.
look at the front yard.
an overgrown
l a w n” … Continue reading

Looking Glass By Zack Jot

“A man walks down the street and is reflected in the gutter
by glittering nothings he and his others left to flutter through the night
He spies the shells of that which feeds, eternal structures that may fall apart
but live on in their pieces, things we left behind; among them
The mirror:” … Continue reading

Impermanence By Freeman Lechner

“Constants are fleeting;
Infinites are temporary;” … Continue reading

Lakes in the Sky By Ronan Mai

“A cloud is just a lake that’s
Afraid to come down
Clinging to the
Sunbeams,” .. Continue reading

Autumn Begins By Carina Rafaelli

“Summer has come to an end.
After months of close heat and ringed sun,
every gentle mirage that gave way to chaotic night,
the season of you falls to my feet.
Autumn begins.” … Continue reading

College Application By I. B. Rhymten

“College college let me in
If you don’t I’ll have your skin.
My bags are packed I booked the plane
No need to worry I have a very big brain.
And if you still doubted my intellect
Then you will be hecka wrecked.
I can do the math, I’ve been to school
I’ll be a good boy I won’t even juul.” … Continue reading

Making Peace; Melting Metal By Carmen Sauceda

“A hammer on metal
Bangs with all its strength
A person sweating
And a downturned mouth
Here in this shop
Where metal is broken
Then melted into submission” … Continue reading

Nature By Saashin Subramaniam

“Nature is the base of everything.
From the poor, to the wealthy, to the king,
Nature is what we know.” … Continue reading

The Emptiness Fills By Amber Waldo

“The blistering sun wraps around the giant oak like magic. The forest in front of me glows in power as I step forward towards the rickety old bench. I don’t know what to think, it’s all too much.” … Continue reading



Purple Paint By Anonymous

“I am in a state of complete disarray. Anyone could tell from a single glance at my bedroom. Books are strewn about the floor, and papers have been ripped to shreds so small you’d think they’d been through a food processor. Sometimes I think that just being in my room drives me insane, but I cannot bear to leave it. I am sitting on my bed, letting my eyes wander up and down the walls that I have haphazardly slashed with dark purple paint.” … Continue reading

chess in strawberry fields By Rina Rossi

“To whom it may interest or bewilder,

She had a deep affinity for things that came in two pairs of 8s. To her dismay, there does not exist a multitude of objects that fit that description. Chess was the first of ideas that she was concerned with, a perfect way to spend a few hours on her 16th birthday.” … Continue reading

other story By Kai Tao

““Surely you could’ve spoken in greater depth with your other sister. She was always the clever one. I doubt I could keep up with you at this point, or that you’d be all that stimulated by our conversations.”
Heh, you know when I went to university they all called me the clever one—but you two think of me differently, you know me better than anyone—I want so desperately to talk to someone who knows me truly.” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

Friendly Fire By Anonymous

WARNING: graphic content

“Believe me when I tell you how hard it is to let go. They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer but when one becomes the other, their respect for you crumbles, and you can no longer consider them your home. Where do you go, and how do you get used to suddenly being alone? Darling old friend of mine, this is my goodbye to you.” … Continue reading


Desmond Aron- Cover artist
Shaila McGregor- chess in strawberry fields
Anonymous- Friendly Fire
Collette Harrison- Lakes in the Sky

Staff Credits:


Rina Rossi

Assistant Editor-in-Chief:

Owen Fletcher
Nora Loffredo
Ella Rintoul
Sophia Wright


Sam Levy


Desmond Aron
Shaila McGregor
Devin Alessi
Collette Harrison


Una Blumberg
Ayla Ferrell
Owen Fletcher
Katherine Grace Willson Sarna
Krista McCullough
Evan McElroy
Shaila McGregor
Dellaraam Pourkeramati
Anya Sherriff-Norton
Sophia Wright

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