Issue 7

Editor’s Letter:

“Dear Reader,

We are extraordinarily proud of the talented work included in this issue. This semester, we received so many writing submissions, focusing on many different genres, and coming from a diverse age range of authors. These submissions are written by student authors who have shown highly advanced styles of writing.” … Continue reading


March By Carina

“as I march into the winter’s dawn,
the sound of my footsteps echo.
I see my face, a face long gone,
there in the motionless shadow.” … Continue reading

The Midnight Village By Sefi Katznelson

“Deep in the woods there was a town,
Its name is now forgotten,
But wary be he who traverse these woods,
For the evil is resting but still very much alive.” … Continue reading

Save me/Drown By Finn E. Morr

“Look at the sky,
Look at the clouds.
The trees reach,
Only to be turned down.” … Continue reading

Sink or Swim By Katie Sarna

“If I were to sink or
If I were to swim
Would it really matter?

If I were to sink:
I could peacefully float down, drifting to the bottom of the ocean” … Continue reading

Broken By Benito Sauceda

“The musician’s tattered suit fluttered
A reflection of the man inside
His top hat swayed slightly
In the gentle breeze;
Relaxed” … Continue reading

School By Andrew Vu (alum)

“There was once a kid named Vu
Who had graduated from high school” … Continue reading


Senior Art Spread By

Quentin Freeman
Arianna Mozayan

Other Art:

Dominican Rice Pudding Rhapsody By Rina Rossi

““So tell me, Tess. It’s going to take more than your scrupulous emails entitled “URGENT. READ NOW- Desperate Teen Looking for Writing Agent” for me to actually work on publishing your book, darling. I mean, you’re not even a teen.” … Continue reading


The Backpack By Alec Galin

“Sun rays seep from above, caressing the clouds in strokes of yellow. The evening has come, casting a dark shadow that is both ominous and comforting, and the sun descends with the grace of a feather. A young boy, no older than seven, trodds across a freshly painted sidewalk in a small town, gazing off into the distance with an apathetic countenance.” … Continue reading

The Only Question By Kai Tao

“I remember when the moon cracked in front of me, feeling like a toddler. I remember the precision and rigor of the calculations to dislodge the moon from its oblong orbit, seeing the centrifugal force upon it overtake the gravitational field that had held it for so long. I remember drifting through space in lunar cities of sterile aluminum and glass— so clear and ephemeral that it reduced the aesthetic of the cold lunar world to grey metal. It felt like a chance to find God hiding out in the greater universe. A time of soft flesh, fragile bone, and flowing blood.” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

SPEAK By Devin Alessi

“My words won’t reach millions, or even thousands, but they have reached you. So listen to what I have to say; just listen. Maybe you’ll be happy you did.
I know what it is to hurt until you can’t even imagine taking another breath, but you do. You take another breath and then another, but the pain doesn’t stop. The wounds refuse to heal, and like a bird cage in the wind, words go right through you.” … Continue reading

Artist Credits:


Suffering-Shaila McGregor
Sink or Swim- Shaila McGregor
dominican rice pudding rhapsody- Tia Salika
The Backpack- Zanthee Schwarzmann
March-Collette Harrison

Cover Art- Quentin Freeman

Senior Art Spread

Quentin Freeman
Arianna Mozayan

Staff Credits:

Co-Editors in Chief

Rina Rossi
Owen Fletcher
Nora Loffredo


Anna Lauridsen
Isabel Folger
Brooke Johnson
Brooke Pearson
Naomi Randolph
Krista McCullough
Dellaraam Pourkeramati
Katie Sarna
Sophia Wright
Benjamin Walker-Edwards
Anya Sherriff-Norton
Tia Salika


Terry Cole
Max MacFarland

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