Issue 5

Front Page:

Editor’s Letter

Dear PCS Community,

“When looking over the submissions for this issue, we noticed that a few pieces touched upon some serious topics, and we wanted to address them. Our job is to provide a forum for students to express themselves; therefore, we strive to never censor the students of PCS. Students are welcome and encouraged to hold open conversations in their writing. That being said, we will still put warnings on graphic content, and information for students to seek help on any content that may be may be triggering. Editors of The Finch have spoken with Ms. Rivers on how to approach these issues, and how we can allow students to openly talk about such sensitive topics.” … Continue reading


Blue is like… By Anonymous

Blue is a crystal clear ice pond on a snowy day.

Blue is a crisp summer day.” … Continue reading

Society Says By Anonymous

“Be a man. Act like a lady.

Dude, don’t act like a pussy. Be strong, but not too strong.

Love you bro, but no homo. He did that to you? It’s your own fault.

You throw like a girl. Be confident, but don’t be a slut.

Man up! You aren’t enough!” … Continue reading

Every Passing Moment By Alejandra Meza

“Every passing moment in this world matters

But one thing we don’t realize

Is why

As we laugh

And hug.” … Continue reading

I Once Lived By Katie Sarna

“I once lived.

I can attest to that.

To the feeling

Of the wind on my cheeks.” … Continue reading

In Contrast By Katie Sarna

“There’s the stark and there’s the plain

A windy day, a hint of rain

There´s the jazzy and upbeat” … Continue reading

Roku By Kierran Ware

“Racing round and round the track,

Having fun on his little mat” … Continue reading

Home By Scarlett West

“Home is my old house where all of my memories are.

Home is being scared of the monsters outside my room,

where I ran to my parents trying not to wake my siblings.” … Continue reading


Hana Capstone Project Art


Inspiration By Anonymous

“Ethan ran, wiping his eyes so he could see, and wiping his nose he could breathe, but kept running. He ran out the back of the school, through the fence and into the forest. He ran until his heart was popping out of his chest, until it felt as though someone had stabbed him in the ribs, until his legs ached like never before. Collapsing on the ground, he looked around him. He couldn’t stop the tears, and sobs. He might be able to outrun the words, but not his emotions–he was never able to, no matter how hard he tried.” … Continue reading

Blood Thieves By Collette Harrison

“In a time before the golden glow of the human’s steel monsters obscured the stars, before the neverending sky was blue, and before the introduction of pigment, the world was black and white. The world had no golden lights, no blue skies, and no pigment different from black or white, that is besides blood. In this time, people, plants, animals, and things overall were either black or white, there wasn’t even any grey, but the blood of people was a different story.” … Continue reading

One Fourth Supercut Of Peach by Simran Khalsa

“Youth tastes like summer tastes like peaches.

Like a red plastic chair, chunky and warm from sun. Like singing and screaming at your sister, basking in the afternoon light. Youth tastes like peaches. Tastes like summer.

It is the tree a walk away, past the lake and over the bridge, soaring on a bike geared towards forever. You are a duck on the water, legs extended, feet on pedals, head high, wind singing with the sound of Look! Look! Look! It is the tumble in the creek and the ice-cold snow melt water and the towering walking stick in your hand carved into art by the beatles.” … Continue reading

A Different World By Kai Tao

“Times were changing, you could see it in the way everyone’s faces quivered whenever someone brought up religion or politics. You could sense it from the way every shadow seemed to fall along in imprecise, unnatural angles…or how when leaves fell, their floating journey to the ground seemed predetermined, robotic–as if nature itself was whispering in humanity’s ear. And as John walked through the city street to his office, the atmosphere was functioning further to prosthelytize him to the irrational, primal anxiety.” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

Peaches and Dents By Anonymous

“Whenever I think of my childhood, I think of the house on Beverly Street. Los Angeles is a really big city: it’s where I was born and raised. When my family lived on Beverly Street for the second time, I was in first and second grade. I didn’t like school very much. It was easy, and I didn’t have a lot of friends, but the summers are still vivid in my head. Our duplex was very small, and my siblings all shared one room, so we spent a lot of time outside. Our downstairs tenants had an almost kangaroo-like dog; he was hyper and jumpy.” … Continue reading

The North Star By Anonymous

“In Sanskrit, my name means Polaris, the North Star. In English my name means, well, nothing. How can one describe it? It’s like sandpaper, rough, and grainy: it’s the sound made by someone wheezing or coughing; it’s a quick burst of sound, with no tune.” … Continue reading

Trees By Anonymous

“When I think of the home of my childhood, I think of the squeaky gate and splintered fence. I think of the lilies on the back wall, waving in the breeze with fingers of grace. I think of the overgrown bamboo that hits the windows of my parents’ room sometimes, their movement like a bird pecking seed. I think of the many weeds in the front yard that grow with the winter’s rain and wither with summer’s sun rays.” … Continue reading

Perfect By Anonymous

“It’s midnight and here I am, staring into the bright blue light of my computer screen as I try to write an essay that showcases my skills as a dancer, musician, and soccer player while demonstrating my ability to think critically, my commitment to this college, and my effervescent personality. Despite having written my third “the” in a row, my night just got better. I should really say my morning, because at 12:01 am, I just became a witch.” … Continue reading

Death and All His Friends By Devin Alessi

“Disorders are not beautiful. There is no silver lining, nothing attractive or sexy about them. They are toxic, their skin is thick and wherever they touch you, they leave a scar.
Having Anxiety makes you second guess your every move, as if there is a shadow with a scalding voice inside your head that whispers to your soul: “You’re not good enough.” It takes your insecurities by the hand and whisks them through your thoughts, step after step, dancing long into the night and keeping you from falling asleep.” … Continue reading

An Open Letter By Grace Kew

“Hello there, to whoever is reading this!,
This isn’t going to be a well-written story, or a pretentious one. This is just me, as a student, saying something that I want to say. Or rather, that I have a right to say, on account of free speech and all. This is simply meant as a message to whoever happens to be skimming this right now, no more, no less.
The truth of the matter is: we may be one of the best college-prep schools in the country, but we are all still hurting and excluding one another, no differently than in any other high school.” … Continue reading

King of Hearts By Andrew Vu

“If you’re in any of my classes, you’ve probably seen me dropping cards all over the place, flicking them between hands, or just literally holding them. It’s partly because I’m practicing for magic effects, and partly because I tend to fidget a lot.

You also might have seen me do a magic trick, and may or may not have seen how I did something “impossible.”

The goal of magic is not to fool people with wily and deceptive moves.” … Continue reading

Home By Zachary Wallace-Wells

“For most of my life I’ve lived in the big purple house on the corner, now blue from old age. I remember sitting out on the overgrown green lawn when I was young, gazing out into the street and watching the multicolored cars zoom by.” … Continue reading

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