Issue 4

 Digital Edition: The Finch- Vol. 4


hi by Anonymous

“if I see you from afar i automatically assume you don’t want to talk to me unless you wave or say hello everytime you go in for a high five it’s like i’m dripping and clinging on for dear life to an anchor pulled up out of the murky deep loneliness that constantly presses in” … Continue reading

Manifest Destiny by Anonymous

“Glossy green leaves and vivid birds afloat, The rainforest gives the sweet songs of life. The crystal clear water without a boat, The habitat living without a strife. A grove of trees with sweet fruits a blooming, The bugs float to the tender buds of May. Danger is near, man’s shadow is looming… The men” … Continue reading

Pendulum by Anonymous

“My mind does a hundred somersaults Fine thoughts then I crumble from a hundred summer faults Berate myself with dumb assaults Brought back to fears that come from vaults Submerge my head in memory ignore the stings of wounds it salts Return to elation feels more than just vacation until I hear the wrong song” … Continue reading

who we used to be by Anonymous

“Surely there was a time where my heart belonged to the gentle lulls of the ocean tides lapping on moonlit shores; surely there was a moment where I longed to be wrapped in the shroud of night’s darkness there next to you. Surely there were days where my crestfallen eyes and sunken cheeks grew rosy” … Continue reading

Iguana by Gronk

“Iguanas Iguanas, Iguanas, here and there Iguanas, Iguanas, everywhere Iguanas, Iguanas, have no hair, But if they did it would give me a scare Iguanas, Iguanas, are patriotic Iguanas, Iguanas, just love to frolic Iguanas, Iguanas, are diabolic However they are not hypermetabolic Iguanas, Iguanas, climb in trees Iguanas, Iguanas, don’t eat bees Iguanas, Iguanas,” … Continue reading

Nevermore by Owen Fletcher

“Softly, quickly the heather climbs the hills rolling green, the moors, the forests stretching, growing Nevermore seen The fire leapt the metal clanged burning and ashes, smothering the green Nevermore seen across the world across the land the heather no longer creeps, over the hills no longer green Nevermore Neverseen Illustration by Quinten Freema” … Continue reading

Life by Alejandra Meza

“What is Life Could it be our interpretation of the world Is it how we appreciate our loved ones Or is it our world Our Universe Is the next door neighbor’s maple tree living life as freely as we are Or is life doing just what we love, our passion Could life just be an” … Continue reading

Last Day by Hina Takagi

“I look around the room, sighing. Feeling the cool evening breeze blowing. A flower makes a curtsy quietly. Knowing nothing but my face only. Starched white sheet, and hard pillow. The music and light were mellow. Found a small calendar in corner. November 16th, nothing happened, nothing new. It was just an ordinary day. But” … Continue reading



Branches of Life by Anonymous

“Long ago, there was nothing. Chaos existed within the nothing; not a corporeal being, she simply existed. She could feel nothing other than the power within the nothing that she could harness. Within the nothing, there was nothing. No air, no life, no sound. No sound, and yet Chaos heard a quiet drumming. A steady” … Continue reading

Cielo, Tierra and the Beginning of Time by Anonymous

“From the depths of nothing, a star and a planet were born. Their names were Cielo, god of sky and father to all sky gods, and Tierra, goddess of Earth and planets, mother to all Earth, and planet gods. They lived in peace for many years, watching over the new gods of the Universe. However,” … Continue reading

Elepanta, Rabita and the Waterfalls by Anonymous

“Once, before there was any life on earth, there were three gods. The first being Mother Earth. She was loved by her children Elepanta and Rabita. They both loved her very much, but they argued all the time. Eventually, Mother Earth grew tired and could no longer care for earth. She would test her two” … Continue reading

For Investigation: Crime by Anonymous

“For Sale: teenage brain. Never used. For Rent: beating heart. Brand new. For Purchase: glossy eyes. Freshly blinded. For Trade: hardened soul. Neverminded. For Purchase: broken hands. Bent and bruised. For Delivery: handful of teeth. Very confused. For Payment: tiny gloves. Never committed. For Exchange: shattered glass. Unpermitted. For Catalog: dirty polaroids.” … Continue reading

Iguana Needs Friends by Anonymous

“There was once a spooky, scary iguana who was very spooky and scary. Although he was the spookiest and scariest in all the land, he wanted a friend. However, because of his spookiness and scariness, the spooky scary iguana scared all his “friends” away. Then, one day, the spooky, scary iguana saw a cutey,” … Continue reading

Baby Shoes Continued by Spencer Balliet

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Shoes sold, new baby, new story. First steps, first fall, first laugh. First tooth, first smile for photo. First fort, first dragon’s den destroyed. First day of school, first goodbye. First time doing something by yourself. First time talking to a girl, First date, first girlfriend, first kiss First” … Continue reading

Transcendental Tip by Collette Harrison

“I walked down the cobbled street, the dull stones reflecting my mood perfectly. The sun was drooping past the horizon, slowly slipping beyond my sight. I turned to walk past an alley when something at the end of it caught my eye: a restaurant. I had never seen this restaurant before; the Victorian architecture was” … Continue reading

Video Store by Simran Khalsa

“The woman at the video store’s name is May. I know this because she told me, leaning over the counter on her bony forearms, forehead nearing ever-closer. Conspiratorially. “A young name for an old gal, I know,” she’d said. “Believe me, pumpkin, I used to be just like you.” She lives somewhere buried between the” … Continue reading

Reflection by Katie Sarna

“It was just another day. Staring at the wall, the stall doors, the tile floor. Watching them coming in, doing their makeup, fluffing their hair, swinging the door open and shut. Watching the sun sink, turning my silent comrades reflective, bright oranges and pinks. Seeing shadows slide across the bathroom, calling greetings to them” … Continue reading

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