Issue 3

Digital Edition: The Finch – Vol. 3


Butterflies and Foam by Anonymous

“A planter box grows succulents In our old space Every week, we’d sit there Pouring out our souls, blending them together You drank your coffee with ice Mine was too hot to hold without a sleeve I remember the butterflies They capered when you slid your fingers into mine When you bought the perfect muffin” … Continue reading

Ghosts by Anonymous

“A haunted wind Blows over one Who is scared of his past And the taste of the air Is stale with ghosts Floating over your life They are but painful memories Hovering in the shadows Weeping over fate Long pale fingers, stretching Pulling at your fragile reality Till it breaks Weaving” … Continue reading

Red Cup Blue Cup by Calvin Dunbar and Alex Olson

“Red Cup, Blue Cup Yellow Cup and Pink When you’re done drinking Put it in the sink. Coffee, Water, Juice or Tea. Drink too much, And you might have to pee. Donuts and Cakes Cookies and pies, Find you a yam And chef up some fries. And if you’re still hungry That is a lie,” … Continue reading

Some Days… by Seowoo Lee

“Whiteboards and chalkboards, equality, freedom Creativity, constellations, so much more to explore, Perfection, nobody can achieve it Dreams, cats, literature, and architecture Positive, absence, existence, negative, lies Consistent arguments, yet everlasting friendship Diseases, some cured, others not Feelings; sadness, happiness, jealousy and anger Colors, logic, God, family Day, night, differences Some days I’m here, other” … Continue reading



Elemental Deities by Annelise Bond

“Everything was black, the darkness engulfing her, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t breathe. She wondered why she had agreed to this mission in the first place. It felt as though everything was being stripped from her. She clutched tightly onto her shirt, in case somehow the whirlpool managed to suck it up as well. She” … Continue reading

The Book and the Bus Cat by Goldfish

“Who are you…? I was hearing the voices again. They were whispering inside my head. What are you…? Who do you think you are…? “Stop…” I murmured, gripping my pillow. You are nothing…. I felt myself giving in. “Nothing….” You are nothing…. “I am nothing…” I whispered, “I am….” The loud” … Continue reading

New Millennium by Kori KalidDek

“He woke up. The boy stretched and opened his eyes, and wondered where he was, and who he was. As he stood up, he noticed another person standing in what he now realized to be an elevator. As they turned to face him, it suddenly hit him like a train. My name is Jun, Jun” … Continue reading

Burning Memories by Rina Rossi

“The lingering redolence of ash was present even miles away from the Triangle Cottage. Lieutenant Simmons wrinkled her nose and quickly inhaled a few times before picking up her speaker to communicate with the dispatcher. It was a cold, rainy Sunday morning, at around 2:55 a.m., and the sky was a murky pudding. “The fire” … Continue reading

4% by Sophie Scott

“A bead of sweat rolls down my temple. My breathing increases its pace. The only information entering my brain is that there are too many bodies in this room. I can feel every one of the 24 other criminals’ haggard breaths in my own; we are in a room made for 12 people at most.” … Continue reading

The Stars Within Us by Scout

“She was looking up at the stars, the moon illuminating her cheekbones. He was the one who had asked her there that night. He wished that she would fall in love with him. What he didn’t know was that he was falling in love with her. With her firey red hair and her dimples. With” … Continue reading

Edith’s Story by T. White

“Edith remembered it as a hot day. This was peculiar considering it was in fact a glacial 20 degrees. But in her mind the temperature neared three digits, balancing between the livable and the livable only for desert snakes and rodents and insects, and rocks. She thought about those rocks and how some managed to” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

Not That Kind by Cor

“I met a vet at the gym today. We walked down the stairs and at the end was a friend of ours – a NASA employee we had met at that very gym – and a stranger. As we approached, our friend was saying, “I have a friend who was in ‘Nam in ’71.” “I” … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day by Andrew Vu

“Valentine’s Day is approaching. All around me, I see people doing the thing they have always done. Either they are getting other people Valentines, and talking enthusiastically about it, or they simply ignore it, or they consider doing something but end up doing nothing. For me, this Valentine’s Day is radically different from any previous.” … Continue reading

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