Issue 2


Colors by Abi

“Red is in the fire and the wind. It comes and goes as quickly or as slowly as it pleases. Red is strong, it will lift me off my feet and drop me back down. It will push and pull, burn and move until it goes away, only to be seen again when it pleases.” … Continue reading

4 Second Romance by Anonymous

“the red light loomed closer and that’s when I knew it was your blue Honda, my red Subaru brown eyes met blue eyes as you slowed down your car we rolled down our windows, so close yet so far you smiled and I started to ask you your name but you sped away and so” … Continue reading

A Sonnet by Anonymous

“He jumped, he tripped, he fell, he caught a whiff. He crawled, the crack so small, in caves of night. The shadows move, a chill, he’s frightened stiff, A witch lept out at him, he fell in plight. The creatures quiver in the night of death, He hears them crying out, He slithers through. His” … Continue reading

Hometown Sighs by Anonymous

“i’m leaving this place of hometown sighs. leaving for a road with soothing sounds and promises i hope to never keep. one day you’ll leave too, thinking you’ll miss it. but being in a place like this, where you can close your eyes, click your heels together and already be home. a place where it’s” … Continue reading

Life by Anonymous

“I seem to dream Of extreme memes With my supreme team Of high-esteemed teens To redeem the creme Of regime schemes. How come society can tell me who I am?” … Continue reading

Regret by Anonymous

“sinks in and slowly suffocates, its grasp tightening when you’ve forgotten it’s there the pain is not in the memories of him, but in all the memories that he will never be apart of in the inability to remember the last words he spoke to you and not knowing that the last time you touched” … Continue reading

Tulum, Mexico by Anonymous

“The water glimmered like shards of broken glass , the sun shone like a ripe orange, and the ruins were antique and unique. But as time passed, the sun went down and before I knew it the glorious time was nowhere to be found.” … Continue reading

Spooky Snek by Beanpole Bo

“A snek. A snek A spooky spooky snek Watch out for the skary spooky snek! He mite bite u, the spooky snek He mite smite u, the spooky spooky snek But he might enlighten u, the wise spooky snek He might brighten u, the spooky spooky snek He might also frighten u, the very spooky … Continue reading

Black by Jack Isacson

“Black is colorless. Black is the night sky. Black tastes like charcoal in an old fireplace. Black sounds like an explosion of powder. Black feels like rocks on a cold winter night. Black looks like hard obsidian. Black makes me feel cold.” … Continue reading

One Song at the End of Summer by Pearl Peterson

“i searched all summer for the tips of my tongues. i looked everywhere; in the mystery section and in the museum. i read all the romance novels about the people who have got it down. i talked to the girls who were left behind, the tips of their tongues were made of steel. they were” … Continue reading



Lettuce Leaves by Anonymous

“The shade felt cool on the back of my neck. Everything felt at peace and the cool breezes were like nature’s song, nearly lulling me to sleep. I didn’t feel like sleeping, so I kept my eyes wide open and looked out at the open world. I stayed there, leaning against the tree for what” … Continue reading

Stars by Owen Fletcher and N. R. Loffredo

” – -𝚫- -Log 001 -Outer systems, Andromeda Sector 5 of left spiral arm, Quadrant 3- Space. Space… Surprise! More space. ‘Great. I have the most boring job in the Galaxie, watch aboard the Ignis,’ Ben thought, glaring at the Holographic control panel which floated above the railing of the Crow’s Nest. The Crow’s Nest was less” … Continue reading

Rain by Grace Kew

“I follow Boris Rustin into hospital room 216. He said he hadn’t gone to visit in a couple weeks, and that he wanted some company, so I agreed. To this day, I’m still not sure why he decided to invite me, and why I even agreed to go with him, but in a strange way,” … Continue reading

The Last Astronaut by Simran Khalsa

“The man on the moon does not care much for the dark side. It’s the light side where he builds his house, curving up like a crater from the core, where he brushes off the dust from his old overalls when he’s done, where he plants his violets, and waits. Seven thousand people could see” … Continue reading

The Heartmender by Luna Patience

‘“Can you fix it,” she asked, holding her heart out to him. He took it from her hands, it’s faint glow staining his skin. Raising it to the light, he appraised it from all angles. “Maybe. It will take me a while, though,” the craftsman set the woman’s heart down on his desk, careful not” … Continue reading

HIM by Indigo Ramey-Wright

“I hadn’t felt fear like this in awhile. It wasn’t the type of fear you felt the first time you drove in a car, or when you went to the zoo as a child and let your imagination run free; What if the lion escaped those thick steel bars? However, it was the fear you” … Continue reading

Suicide Survivor by McKenna Sandidge

“My eyes are not deceiving me. No one else has handwriting like that. That blood is mine, but I have no marks on my body. It can’t be mine, but I know that it is. The date on it says 9/20, which was three days ago. I reread the note, my eyes wandering over what” … Continue reading

The Blur of Life by Ashton Woosley

“The day my best friend came back from the dead was around the time my memories started to blur. We were in high school and stupid. It was easy to feel you were invincible, like the whole world revolved solely around you. Charlie and I always had the itch for adventure. Every school trip ended” … Continue reading

Safety by Willy Woosley

“The world is a scary place. Between the terrorism and the drunk drivers and the Zika virus (or whatever other virus is bound to undo civilized life as we know it this month), it’s a wonder anyone can even make it to the grocery store and back with all of their limbs still attached to” … Continue reading

Six Word Stories:

Memories for Sale by Anonymous

‘“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” “Also: baby blanket, toys and clothes.” “Call number below. All prices negotiable.” Objects are easy to throw away. If only other things were also. The memories you would not miss. You would keep the good ones. Exclamations of joy and marked calendars. The cheerful smiles and warm hugs. Lists” … Continue reading

Meow!!! by Anonymous

“Kittens for sale. Soft and cuddly. Many kittens yowl, protesting their captivity. A kitten silent hatching a plot. A child searching for some joy. Kitten, child, go home for tonight. Kitten creates a city. Destruction follows. Now a cat chewing on catnip. Couch in ribbons stuffing spewing out. Mother yells. this stupid cat ugh. Cat” … Continue reading

The Weird Day by Anonymous

“Just an average day of school. Just a average girl in class. Just another test that is taken. Just another bathroom break that’s given. Just another walk down the hallway. Just another trip to the bathroom. But no, that’s not what happens. She steadily walks to the bathroom. Reads the sign, it says vacant. She” … Continue reading

Cake by A Baker

“Let’s make a cake, why not? Let’s make it colorful, and new. Teal, purple, pink and blue swirls. Never quite complete. Eggs, water, mix. Oven temperature: 350 degrees, baked complete. Can not find the cake stand. Damn! Where could it be? Cupboard? Living-room? Found it! On the living-room shelf It shimmers like a diamond. Beautiful!” … Continue reading

Bridges by Regulus A. Black

“I know the bridges won’t fail. I swear, the bridges are strong. They are always on the horizon. They stand with the rocky hills. They kneel with the soft beaches. They cower under the big airplanes. And they wave at the small. The bridges are angled, and sharp. They are bent, rusted, and old. They” … Continue reading

Mothers With Diseases by Saskia Wade

“Four years old in San Francisco. The highest room in the building. Fireworks booming outside the window. I wonder if she’ll be okay. Six more years of difficult days. Dealing with pain, tears, hospital visits. Bought her a little stone raccoon. From the gift shop down stairs. Ten years old ; it’s summer time. Time” … Continue reading

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