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In These Halls by Anonymous

“in these halls… there are boys who open doors for no thanks and spare smiles and girls who can run for miles and miles whose eyes are the little blue pills that taste bitterly of freedom and the release of expectation. in these rooms… there are teachers whose lectures fall and shatter and pierce and” … Continue reading

Quiet by Anonymous

“not the absence of noise but the silence after the rain when all animals still shelter not the shy girl in the hallway but someone that was once a friend with everything still left unsaid not the wind in the trees but the still air in the old house the owners gone and the memories” … Continue reading

Love: A Series of Comparisons by Quentin Freeman

“not the businessman and his nameless smiling wife, picturesque but the two women wary to hold hands in front of their parents not the late night love letters that he wrote in a fervor, infatuated but the laughter, eyes watering, cheeks red, early morning heaving laughter that you can’t stop not the first time you” … Continue reading

Better by Student #74

“And so I am changed I don’t have to ask whether You’ll always be there To hold me together You bring back what I lost The boy and the child All the happy thoughts The tendencies wild So I hate what I was So out of my control You make me remember How to take” … Continue reading



The Story of the Finch by Anonymous

“I stared. Hard and thoughtful. How was I going to do this? My paper was blank, the pen grasped in my hand seeming strange and foreign. I fingered it thoughtfully and furrowed my brow. My teacher’s instructions had been simple: write a story or poem with a personal connection to you. Any genre. The only” … Continue reading

Titans by Owen Fletcher

“‘Halt! In the name of the Titans.” Thane Aster yelled. “You, Herten Bane, are convicted for Necromancy, and the practice of the Dark Arts! Yield to me now and your death will be swift and painless!” Thane looked down at the sword he was concealing in a dark sheath. “Or, we could do it the” … Continue reading

Muted by Kirin Khalsa

“Shelby stands in her rundown apartment on fifth street. She prefers calling it hip or artsy but the floorboards were squeaky and the flower wallpaper from the previous tenant Ms. Greene was peeling off of the wall. Don’t question how we know the exact layout of our neighbors’ apartments, we could tell you, it wouldn’t” … Continue reading

Southwestern Gothic by Simran Khalsa

“The desert is quiet. The sand takes momentary flight only to fall again with each wind gust. The sun is a white hot light in the corner of my eye. The desert is quiet but my head is filled with that familiar buzz of the mind stream that comes when it is not being used.” … Continue reading

The Pocketwatch by Anika and Liam McPherson

“Far away, in a future more distant than the beginning of humanity, a man was dealing with a terrible loss. He had just been abandoned; his captain and shipmates left him on an uncharted planet. The man didn’t know how or why this happened, and was eager to find out. Was it on purpose? Did” … Continue reading

Love by Indigo Ramey-Wright

“It is the feeling when one day I saw a couple in the park holding hands, their faces lined with age that told their story with their depth and their number. I saw their narrations told, young buds and blooming then the bad days that came and the sad days that kept repeating. In their” … Continue reading

Honesty by Willy Woosley

“When you’re about to die is the only time that you can truly be honest with yourself. Every day you tell yourself little lies, trying to trick yourself into believing them because you know it’s what you should think. But when you’re about to die, you realize that there’s no point anymore. You can just” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

This I Believe by Talia Harris

“For as long as I have been creative, I have been frightened; frightened of what people will think of me, frightened of what I will create, and frightened of who this little girl inside of me thinks she is. When I started ballet training, I thought I was going to wake up that morning and” … Continue reading

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