Issue 11

Front Page:

Editor’s Letter

“Dear Reader,
We were once again inspired by the versatility and creativity of submissions to The Finch this semester. From art and music to the writing itself, each piece we received was incredibly unique.” … Continue reading


Good Morning, Good Night By Anonymous



Good morning

How are you?” … Continue reading

A Drowning Mind By Abigail Goodman

“Spinning around

In the water

My head heavy

Eyes tired” … Continue reading

Red lemons By Sophie Mateja

“i am the boiling hate atop a

lemon tree,

i am the aftertaste

of far-gone leftovers,” … Continue reading

To You Know Who By Eva Ramirez-Truse

“The night you passed, I didn’t cry

I didn’t even get teary eyed.” … Continue reading

in the moment By Rei Shurtleff

“here you stand, looking up at the stars above you

they shine brightly, as does the moon, with a mystical silvery glow” … Continue reading

Black cat By Sophia Summa

“Black cat, as sly as the moonlight

Wondering where, oh where, shall I go tonight

A dark spooky cave is where I will stay” … Continue reading

A Crimson Scar By Amber Waldo

“The fallen leaves swirl

As my car passes where it happened

Where I cried

In the crimson pools” … Continue reading



2 Can Be Enough By Avery Schromm

“Whispers filled the hall. Eyes like a hawk pierced my back, creating a sharp ache in my stomach. I looked down at my new leggings, stained purple from Isaac Newton’s berry juice. I replayed the scene in my mind, cringing as he tripped in front of everyone and pouring his juice on my leggings. His wicked smile was one of a witch’s.” … Continue reading

Non – Fiction:

How to Teach Your Kid to Drive By Anonymous

“Getting a driver’s license is one of the hallmarks of adolescence, symbolic of the freedom your child desperately craves, and the responsibility you dread to bestow. Regardless, the 6-month period in which your child must learn to drive epitomizes the epic and ancient power struggle between confused adolescents and well-intentioned parents.” … Continue reading

The Issue of Fracking By Anya Sherriff-Norton

“Every year thousands of oil spills occur in the US alone. The wildlife is greatly affected by the spills which cause damage to their habitat. According to the Office Response and Respiration (a government organization), “even relatively small oil spills can cause major environmental and economic harm”(ORR).” … Continue reading


Wonder By CJ Ikaika

*The art piece and the piece of music correspond.

Staff Credits:

Sophia Wright
Anya Sherriff-Norton

Assistant Editor
Sophie Mateja

Cover Artist
Gregor MacDonald

Graphic Design

Kian Margoluis
Haydn Warburton

Editorial Staff
Ayla Ferrell
Kian Margoluis
Edelein Zanthee Schwarzmann
Magnus Grigsby
Bailey Lenington
Rei Shurtleff
Gregor MacDonald

Chloé Clarke
Sascha Fon
Selin Childs
Alec Barker

CJ Ikaika

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