The Emptiness Fills

By Amber Waldo

The blistering sun wraps around the giant oak like magic. The forest in front of me glows in power as I step forward towards the rickety old bench. I don’t know what to think, it’s all too much. The beauty mixes with my sadness, and the agony and pain mixes feverishly with the glowing sun, which seems to turn blood red. I look down into the ravine. Simmering darkness seeps into my soul. I don’t want to end here. So much had happened, but this is how I would save myself. The sky reflects my thoughts. I loved her and I see her face. I can’t do it. I jump. Gravity never fails to kick in. For some reason I am not afraid;the world has already ended for me, I’m just getting it back. As I fly towards the ground below, images of my life flash before me, images of her. It was perfect. The air kisses my skin with a strong force and pulls me down. As the ground nears, I feel my emptiness grow. With that, I close my eyes, swallow my final breath, and sigh. The white encases me, flames descending. I know I am finally home.

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