College Application

By By I. B. Rhymten

College college let me in
If you don’t I’ll have your skin.
My bags are packed I booked the plane
No need to worry I have a very big brain.
And if you still doubted my intellect
Then you will be hecka wrecked.
I can do the math, I’ve been to school
I’ll be a good boy I won’t even juul.

I am good at writing my teachers won’t object
And when I type I don’t even use spellcheck.
I am good at Spanish my grades do show
I can even say “puedo ir el baño”
When it comes to science and physics I am very well prepared
I even wrote a little equation it’s called e=mc2.
I have a great grasp on history from modern to invention of the wheel
My elementary school paper inspired a book that was called guns, germs and steel.

I am very diverse just wait see
I can even eat food that is spicy.
I am excellent at rowing my coach will agree.
That’s because I Venmoed them a small countries gdp.
I have done extra curricular of every sort
So long as that extra curricular is not a sport.

You may be wondering about my perfect SAT
But with genius like mine, there’s no need to pay for a degree.

Minds like mine are in high demand
So send my acceptance as fast as you can

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