Editor’s Letter Issue 8

Dear Reader,

As always, we have been blown away by the immense amount of talent exhibited by students who contributed to this issue of The Finch. Firstly, we would like to recognize the superb level of artistic aptitude in PCS students, which is made perfectly clear by the illustrations included in The Finch, and this issue’s cover art, made by the phenomenal Desmond Aron, a senior. This semester, we received an extraordinary amount of writing submissions, which took the form of poetry, short stories, and memoirs, written by students from every grade at PCS. It has become exceedingly clear to us that our student body is full of future authors and budding wordsmiths.

This is our eighth publication of The Finch, and this issue would not have been made possible without the tenacious support and aid of our faculty advisor, Ms. DeCaporale, who always provides us with her warm assistance and knowledge of literature. We would like to acknowledge every member of The Finch club, including the editorial and art team, whose contributions to our magazine never fail to bring a new sense of creativity to every issue. Lastly, we thank junior Sam Levy for stepping up and handling the entire layout for this issue of The Finch, a role he picked up from PCS alum and former layout leader, Terry Cole.

While this was our first issue being Co-Editors in Chief without the aid of former Finch editors Anna Lauridsen and Isabel Folger, we are thrilled to bring the legacy they created that is The Finch that we will continue to bring every semester to the PCS community. We are always open to receiving creative writing submissions on our website, thefinchmagazine.com, and are happy to talk, write, and read about creative writing with you at any time, and are excited to see the writing and creative talent PCS students have in store next semester.

Rina Rossi, Owen Fletcher, Nora Loffredo, Sophia Wright, Ella Rintoul
Co-Editors in Chief

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