The Midnight Village

By Sefi Katznelson

Deep in the woods there was a town,
Its name is now forgotten,
But wary be he who traverse these woods,
For the evil is resting but still very much alive.

They say it was a prosperous town,
A town of trade and wonder,
From all realms the people would come
To gaze upon its splendor.
But then one winter darkness came and set up its abode,
Suddenly the trading ceased,
The merchants had stopped coming
For they were easy targets.
Then the townsfolk started to hear voices,
Beckoning, always beckoning,
One by one they wandered off never to return
Until the loss became too great and no one left their home,
The voices stopped for just a week, but then they did return,
And with them stood a mighty demon,
The lord of this dark realm.
That whole night the town was bright from the pale green hell fire.
After that the town was gone,
Wiped cleanly off the map,
All that remained was a burnt out shell of a mother clutching her baby.

Now this was all quite long ago but evil never dies,
For while light may be powerful,
Darkness is eternal.
So tarry not in that grim place,
Where dark magic still exists,
And wander not in the forest.
Be wary of the creatures there,
Be wary of the voices,
Be wary of your own mind there,
Beware the Midnight Village.

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