If I told you about Rotopia, what part would I tell about? Would I tell about the houses, all wooden, shack like and stacked up on each other? Would I tell about the painters, swaying high above the city, coloring the buildings the way the owners desired? Would I tell about the law enforcers, beating down everyone they saw with a suspicious look? There are many more things I could list, so how about I tell you all of it? Okay. Let’s begin with the citizens.

The citizens were not regular people like you would see in New York. They were messy people. They were always either at home watching television, or out buying a boatload of food that would soon expire. Some had jobs as shopkeepers. The thing about Rotopia is that the rent was astonishingly cheap. Ten dollars a month. So people would have jobs like managing banks from their homes. It was an easy life.

The houses in the city were like wooden cabins stacked upon each other to resemble an apartment. They were ten to a hundred stories tall, with long metal beams sprouting from the middle and attaching to other building vertically from the top shacks. The bottom was usually a shop or a food joint. The second shack would be the owner’s. To exit their shacks, people used the ropes attached to the sides of the buildings. They would hook the ropes to their pants (usually suspenders) and then belay down. The areas where they would descend had little fences so no one would get hit by someone falling. The areas had eye scanners to make sure no one would break in. Unless they were invited, of course.

The weather there was intense in the winter and autumn seasons, so the paint on the buildings would usually scrape off. So painters would have to be painting almost every day of autumn and winter. Now, to paint, they wouldn’t just hang on to the buildings and pray not to fall. No, they would be hooked onto the beams. They would usually paint wearing suspenders, no shirt, leather gloves, spray painting masks and big, rubber boots. The levels of work would vary from “Retriever,” to “Splotcher.” The Retrievers would grab the paint from a conveyor belt on their left and move them to another belt on their right. The Splotchers would have big guns that shot out gallons of paint. The guns were made for the houses that would only need one color.

Then again, there were other jobs similar to that of the painters. Some other jobs involved hanging from the metal beams. The Inspectors made sure the houses wouldn’t fall, and that new metal beams replaced the old rusted ones. To transit, people used little busses that would fly along the beams and didn’t need a driver. They would simply move across the beams at a pace 3x slower than the speed of light.

Oh, I almost forgot about the government! Well, there isn’t much to say about the government. They mostly live in secret. Actually, I must go now. The government is hunting me down now and I must mail this to the publishers in New Hampshire. I can only say so much or the government will send their best after me. Well, I must run along now. Farewell, good reader.

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