By Flurm



The man watched, a mixture of fear and horror swimming around inside him, a myriad of emotions fighting to be released. Despite everything, he kept his calm.

A figure in a hat could be seen walking towards the man, his dark jacket flapping in a wind rarely found at night. The man shrank back in fear once more, but the figure appeared not to have noticed. Walking, walking, the figure in the hat continued onwards.

“NO!” The man shouted, screamed in a way not fit for for a person, and his faces twisted with anger. A civilian sleeping in an apartment above the alleyway woke up, startled. The next morning he would be wake up to the knocks of the police on his door, inspecting what looked like 5 bullet holes. But the mere idea was ridiculed, this was a nice part of town. Things like this didn’t happen here.

The figure stepped in front of the man, and the man had no place to turn. He pointed and shot. The figure took off his hat, the man saw it move in a speed comparable to lightning, and 5 metallic objects lied broken on the ground.

Sound emanated from the figure in the hat, but the man did not see the figures mouth move, as he couldn’t see his face. “Are you aware that half an hour ago, a van of valuables was robbed?” His voice was smooth and silky, with a certain danger to it. It was the type of voice you’d expect from an experienced and successful politician, but somehow different.

“Please…” The felon’s mix of emotions was now replaced a fear so wild it radiated around him.

“Hmmmm.” Something was thrown. A scream was heard. The Hatter disappeared.

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