from the white noise of english class

By Anonymous

from the white noise of english class:

I am but a dying star;
collapsing in on myself,
made up of nothing besides pain
and ruins.

I am but a faltering heart;
bleeding till blood lacks evermore,
painted black with scalding ashes
and wounds.

Hold me steady for I cannot save
myself, created from dissonance.
Myself, forever undoing.
Myself, forever undone.

All I have these days are
the gentle sounds of the ocean,
the quiet of the night sky,
the swaying of pines—and you.

I beg of the world to kill me yet,
I beg of the world to make me live.
The winter clouds my lungs
and I fade, softly.

I have oceans inside my head;
never quieting, ever there.
I have burning stars in my heart;
always imploding, craving fury.

Sleepwalking, sleep talking,
I wait for the Earth to curl towards my feet.
Trapped between an endless sky,
and raging tides,

I let myself fall into you.

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