Editor’s Letter Issue 7

Dear Reader,

We are extraordinarily proud of the talented work included in this issue. This semester, we received so many writing submissions, focusing on many different genres, and coming from a diverse age range of authors. These submissions are written by student authors who have shown highly advanced styles of writing. The art included in this issueーwhether it is the beautiful cover art, the creative art pieces completed to complement the writing comprised in this issue of The Finch, or showcase of artwork made by seniors Arianna Mozayan and Quentin Freeman, makes it clear that student artists have dedicated their time to bring their passion of art to The Finch.

This is our seventh issue of The Finch, and this issue would not have been possible with the help of every member in our club, along with our faculty advisor, Ms. Decaporale, who always gives us her support. We thank our layout team, lead by senior Terry Cole, who brought a brand new design in our third issue that has persisted since.

This was our first issue as the Co- Editors in Chief. It was certainly difficult being the leaders of putting together a magazine for the first time, but we enjoyed working with everyone who helped make this issue of The Finch happen. We thank Anna Lauridsen and Isabel Folger, who are current seniors and former Co-Editors in Chief of The Finch, and are grateful for the legacy they have brought with the magazine to the PCS community.

Rina Rossi, Owen Fletcher, & Nora Loffredo
Co-Editors in Chief

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