Editor’s Letter Issue 6

Dear Reader,

I am unbelievably proud of this issue. The authors, staff, artists, and designers have all blown me away. Each semester we’ve received increasing submissions from PCS students and I’ve consistently been blown away by the collective passion of the PCS community. The talent at this school is spectacular—whether student writers, artists, or photographers, students have dedicated their time to help us realize this magazine with a tremendous skill and sensibility for their work. None of what we’ve done would be possible without PCS students donating their (highly precious) time. Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in this edition, and to Ms. DeCaporale for being our faculty advisor.
This has been a project shaped by every participating member of the PCS community. The magazine continues to define itself through the great contributions you all make. I hope you, the reader, will continue to participate, or get involved if you haven’t yet. The Finch is what we make it.
This issue will be my last as the Editor in Chief. Next semester Rina Rossi, Owen Fletcher, and Nora Loffredo will be taking charge of The Finch. They are talented writers, who have been a part of The Finch since the beginning. I know together they can continue the project we’ve only begun, and will continually help us work towards The Finch’s founding ambitions. I can not wait to see what they have in store for both loyal readers, and those yet to join the PCS community.

Anna Lauridsen
Editor in-Chief

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