Being a Brown Girl

By Alejandra Meza

Because I’m a brown girl
I’m given a second glance
I’m asked
“Do you understand”
I’m told
“They probably didn’t mean it”
I’m given a hard time when I’m trying to do a simple thing
Some just assume
That brown skin means trouble
And to those who assume that
Brown skin doesn’t mean trouble
Some don’t understand our experiences
Some try to put us all in one category
Try to undermine us
Try to explain
The simple things
But I don’t need explaining
Because I’m not the same as anyone else
And those brown and black women who fought for our rights
Those who were willing to give their lives
Know that we deserve our equal rights as much as anyone else
Because accept it or not
I’m a queen
Angela Davis
Gloria Anzaldúa
Zora Neale Hurston
Anita Hill
Dolores Huerta
Jovita Idar
Jacqueline Woodson
And those whose names we don’t know

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