Editor’s Letter Issue 5

Dear PCS Community,

When looking over the submissions for this issue, we noticed that a few pieces touched upon some serious topics, and we wanted to address them. Our job is to provide a forum for students to express themselves; therefore, we strive to never censor the students of PCS. Students are welcome and encouraged to hold open conversations in their writing. That being said, we will still put warnings on graphic content, and information for students to seek help on any content that may be may be triggering. Editors of The Finch have spoken with Ms. Rivers on how to approach these issues, and how we can allow students to openly talk about such sensitive topics.
This issue brings up the issue of mental health in several of the pieces. We are aware of the very present mental health crisis in our youth today, with anxiety and depression at an all time high. Our school is no exception to this issue. We want to encourage our readers to seek help if they or someone they know are struggling. There are resources at this school available to you. You can talk to any of your teachers, or to Ms. Rivers, who has resources across the county. Please don’t be afraid to reach out, there are people at this school to help you. If you are worried someone close to you is in danger, please speak out.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Ms. Rivers: kristen.rivers@pcsed.org

As this year comes to an end, The Finch has to say goodbye to some of its original members. Brookie Schwind joined us last year, and she always brings a big smile and lots of positive encouragement to our meetings. We know she is going places, and we will miss her dearly. Simran Khalsa has been a part of the Finch since it started. Simran never fails to impress us with her writing talents (make sure to check out her piece “one fourth supercut of peach” on page___). Simran sticks to her beliefs, and her contributions will be missed. Simran is going off to study Film and Screenwriting, so we know her skills will be put to good use. Paige Dixon is small but mighty. She always comes in ready to work, with a kind of drive that is essential to a team like ours. Paige is an original member of the Finch, and she also helped us launch our website. Whenever there’s a job that needs to be done, Paige raises her hand. We are going to miss her work ethic.
Finally, we’d like to include a few more thanks. Thank you to Sophie Scott for this amazing cover art. Thank you to Ms. DeCaporale, for being our faculty adviser and letting us use your room to hold our meetings. Thank you to Terry Cole, for designing this incredible magazine. Thank you to Ms. Vlasak, for helping us work with the incredible artists of Pacific Collegiate School. Thank you to all of our staff for their teamwork. This magazine would not exist without the teamwork and dedication of each and every member of The Finch.

Anna Lauridsen & Isabel Folger,
The Editors

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