Letter from the Editors

Issue 11

Dear Reader,
We were once again inspired by the versatility and creativity of submissions to The Finch this semester. From art and music to the writing itself, each piece we received was incredibly unique. We were exceedingly impressed by the wonderful range of submissions across grades this semester, allowing us to publish work from each grade level at our school.

As a part of club leadership, it was gratifying to be able to work with each of the contributors. For that, we would like to give a special thank you to everyone who worked on The Finch, starting with the wonderful artists. This year, instead of publishing art that corresponded with writing pieces, we decided to showcase some of the artistic talent of PCS students in a mini-portfolio. We would also like to thank the authors and editors, who did a wonderful job collaborating on reviews to polish each accepted submission. In addition, we wouldn’t be able to put any of this together without the help of our longstanding club advisor, Ms. Decaporale. Her support, as well as that of the English department, has been instrumental in continuing our magazine during virtual learning.

This semester, we have begun preparations to move the magazine back to in person learning with printed copies. In the coming year, we hope to make The Finch part of a joint creative writing and editing seminar. In addition, we would like to continue extending our community outreach to showcase the musical, artistic, design, and authorial talent of the PCS community.

Finally, we would like to introduce the new Finch club leadership for next year. First, we have Ayla Farrell, who will be helping us create the seminar, and Bailey Lenington, who is in charge of outreach. For this issue and next years’ editions, Zanthee Schwarzmann will be coordinating art and graphic design, and Sophie Mateja will continue to train as an assistant editor in chief. Finally, Anya Sherriff-Norton will be assuming the position of editor in chief in the fall. Along with this, the Finch staff would like to acknowledge and give thanks to Sophia Wright for everything she has done as editor in chief.


Sophia Wright and Anya Sheriff-Norton

Co Editor-in-Chiefs

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