in the moment

By Rei Shurtleff

here you stand, looking up at the stars above you
they shine brightly, as does the moon, with a mystical silvery glow

the universe is vast (so very vast), endlessly expanding with each step you take
new territory generating beneath your feet
and yet, it all feels so familiar —
the sound of light rainfall drenching the treetops
the warm glow of light from your shelter
nestled on the outskirts of the forest
the chickens clucking peacefully in their enclosure

danger lurks beyond
cloaked in shadows and fallen leaves
but you are here, now, bathed in torchlight

you have been here a hundred times before
building and rebuilding the world in which you live
making repairs
and even friends, from time to time
but regardless of how many strangers you encounter and bond with, you must always eventually part ways
and they leave you to your silence

it is a peaceful silence
the inviting, cozy kind that you find a home in
you revel in the solitude, and take joy in knowing this world is your secret to explore
full of treasures for you to unearth
and things to create
and biomes to trek through

the rain slows; the skies begin to pale
you stand in the field, still watching, as the moon fades from view
and the sun rises, streaking the sky with rosy hues of peach and pink
the world lightens, the animals stir
the shadows dispel

and there you stand, the sun on your skin
basking in the pure sensation of merely being
observing your surroundings
enjoying the ambience

the promise of adventure waits, but for now, you are still
and you are safe
and the great big universe surrounds you with a tender embrace

you are here, now, and that is enough.

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