The Expanse of Nothing by Anonymous


Art by Katie Sarna

If there is one God, then humans are praised once. If there are two gods, then humans are praised twice. If there are no gods, then humans aren’t praised at all.


If there is one God, then humans are punished once. If there are two gods, then humans are punished twice. If there are no gods, then humans are forever free of punishment.


Is human life truly useless if one action of one being can change the course of billions of atoms through space and time, not only in the present but also the future.?


Is human life truly full of worth if one action of one being only changes the course of something so small, it is insignificant? 


Why? Why must your worth of life be so megar?


Because I’ve seen what you haven’t. I’ve seen everything there is to see. The hidden truth behind everything is bleak, disappointment.


If you have truly seen and known everything, then you’ve yet to see what it’s like to know nothing at all.


Can you see what I look like?


Not really, I don’t know where or who you are at all actually.


Would you like to see me?


Yes, actually. Please show me your being.


I will never reveal myself to you. You will see nothing of me. How does that make you feel?


I feel…disappointed…


You now understand one mere detail of my knowledge, my being.


…So what is it like, having seen everything? What lies beyond my knowledge that will surely turn me so bitter?


You have seen minute pieces of everything. But what you miss is the true scale of the pieces you see. 


Then please, show me the true scale.


The true scale is right in front of you, but you overlook it every time you see it. Look up into the sky, what do you see?


I see stars… just tiny stars?


There is my point. Your sky is far from being just tiny stars. It is a glimpse into the expanse that is everything. One small light in this sky is unfathomably far away, and can erupt at any moment, changing all you know in a matter of seconds. What can be of what is in this sky, is truly amazing.


If it is truly amazing, then why does it all contain disappointment?


Because what can be does not happen. The sky remains stagnant. The potential for amazing things to witness is so extensive, yet throughout your, and my short lifetime, nothing of true beauty, or worth, will ever happen. I have not seen everything the universe contains. But everything can only be defined as what consciousness can know. If we knew nothing, there would be nothing, it’s simple as that. We can only travel so far and see so much until we die. And that limit, is truly everything.


Oh… Then I guess I have seen everything…


You have yet to see one thing, my being. I will show you. But it comes with a cost.


What is this cost, I promise I will pay it.


Your physical being. Give me your being so you may see mine.


But what will this mean for my consciousness?


It will remain, only affected by your own disappointment in what you see.


Okay. I’ll do it. I give you my being, now show me yours.


Now, you may see me.


What? I don’t see anything, I just see myself, frozen in time? 


Yes, now I am you. I will carry on my journey through your being, and you will carry on your journey through my being.


But you have no being, Am I nothing more than a consciousness now? How do I go back, I don’t want this!?


Calm down. You have got what you wanted. If you want to go back to a physical being, then you must make the same deal with someone else as you made with me.


What if I never find someone willing to make this deal!?


Then you will be trapped where I once was, forever… Disappointing, Huh?




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