Special Letter from the Editors, Issue 9

Back and front of Katie Sarna’s cover art for Issue 9 of The Finch

Dear Reader,

You’ve done it again! We have once again been thoroughly impressed with the short stories, poetry, creative writing, and art submitted to us by the PCS community. This semester, we received many submissions that tackled a variety of subjects, in a number of different forms. PCS writers and artists have certainly showcased an immense amount of advanced talent in this issue. We’d like to recognize senior Katie Sarna, for gracing us with her beautiful artwork included as the cover of this issue. Additionally, seniors Desmond Aron, Amaia Leoz Maurer, and Sonia Langouev for exhibited their brilliant artwork in this issue’s Senior Art Spread. We wish them the best in their artistic endeavors beyond PCS!

Even though this is the ninth issue of The Finch, the magazine would not be possible without the support of our faculty advisor, the marvelous Ms. Decaporale, who is always there to guide us in this process, in every step of the way. Most importantly, we’d also like to thank each and every member who is part of the Finch club, who attend club meetings, facilitate literary discussions, read submissions, edit writing, and help foster the spirit of writing in our community on a daily basis. Further, we are doing our best to keep the magazine running and available to the PCS community, so we’d like to thank YOU, the reader, for being patient with us in our shift towards a digital publication due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of this crisis, you’ve chosen to continue to support our publication. 

This issue is my last as Editor-in-Chief, after 5 years of participation with this club. Sophia Wright, Ella Rintoul, and Owen Fletcher will be taking over next semester as Co-Editors in Chief. As talented writers and diligent organizers of this club during the past few semesters, there is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to bring the beauty of the literary community that is The Finch to PCS, every semester. The Finch is always open to offering assistance in writing and editing, and we are adamant about hearing your ideas for details to include in future publications. If you’d like to submit creative writing for The Finch’s Fall 2020 issue, thefinchmagazine.com/submit is always open for submissions.


Rina Rossi


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