Setting Sail by Isabella Goodwin

The summer breeze drifts, softly caressing my face, and flowing to fill the sails. The sea is calm today, the white caps of waves only appearing in the distance. I had set sail not long after we met, falling in love with everything about him. His charming smile, laugh, and inspiring passion had pulled me out to sea. He had hoisted the sails, and adjusted the rigging, but I was the one to raise the anchor and push us away from the docks. Now we were drifting, slowly bobbing up and down with the swell, going where the wind pushed us. The sun warmed our faces as we laughed, discovered, and explored our surroundings. Suddenly, the winds started to howl, and dark clouds gathered over the horizon. Our smiles were quickly wiped off our faces as the oncoming storm approached. I screamed his name as he disappeared from view. The rain obstructed my ability to see him and the heart he held. My heart. Wind tore at my clothes and hair, whipping them around, and stinging my face. Tears started to form at the corners of my eyes when the wind calmed down, and the rain quickly stopped. He held out his arms as I rushed to his side. Nothing would tear us apart, not with our kind of love.


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