Factory by The Alec


Art by Collette Harrison

It is six in the morning. I turn on the heater, it’s exceedingly loud but I only pay attention to the heat it gives me. The gas bill may come in one day, but the heater will still function. Only money is lost, no work is given. I tell the lights to switch on and they do, I tell a robot to clean and it does. Of course, I am frustrated when one part does not work, the direction of the blame is obvious. As uninteresting as it is, I cannot help but watch the roomba clean, hitting corners more often than not. 

“The robot is fine.” I think to myself,

“There’s nothing I can do” I conclude, thinking of only its basic functionality. 

By noon, the house is clean, but not as clean as I’d hoped. I’m once again filled with frustration. Though the roomba is not on my mind, but rather its replacement. 


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