A Question of Consciousness by Abigail Goodman

I have never really seen myself

I have only seen my reflection in the mirror

Or the other reflection 

That bounces back at me every time I am

Criticised or praised

I have never really known myself

I have only known the individual parts of me

The certain aspects of me that I eventually begin to think

Are me

I have never really understood myself

I have only felt the feelings

Or done the actions

That define me

And I think I should know myself well

Having been myself from the beginning of life

Yet every moment I wonder

Is life real?

Is there a god that believes 

We are just a fragment of his imagination

A result of his power

Or are we all just illusions

Believing to be something bigger 

Something important

Everyday I marvel at how little we know

About the world around us

How little we know about ourselves

Is consciousness the word we use to describe this state of confusion

This state of overwhelming wonder 

And even sadness

When we begin to realize the extent of what 

We do not understand


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