Iguana Needs Friends by Anonymous


There was once a spooky, scary iguana who was very spooky and scary.

Although he was the spookiest and scariest in all the land, he wanted a friend.

However, because of his spookiness and scariness, the spooky scary iguana scared all his “friends” away.

Then, one day, the spooky, scary iguana saw a cutey, nicey puppy.

The cutey, nicey puppy had a gift for the spooky, scary iguana.

It was a mask.

“What is this?” the spooky, scary iguana asked.

“It is a mask!” the nicey, cutey puppy said. “Now you can cover your face and get lots of friends!”

The spooky, scary iguana took the mask and put it on.

All of a sudden, all the nicey, cutey animals gathered round and cheered his name.

“Spooky, scary iguana! Spooky, scary iguana!”

The spooky, scary iguana liked all the attention but was still sad.

The only way he was able to get friends was to cover his true face.

“Will you stay this way forever?” the nicey, cutey animals asked.

The spooky, scary iguana paused.


All the nicey, cutey animals gasped.

“Why not?” they asked.

“It’s not right,” the spooky, scary iguana said. “The only reason you nicey, cutey animals are friends with me is because I am wearing this mask! Well guess what? I like myself the way I am. Everyone should love themselves for the way they are, not cover it up! And if the only way you nicey, cutey animals will ever be friends with me is if I wear this mask and hide who I am, then I’d rather be alone!”

The spooky, scary iguana threw the mask on the ground.

It was quiet until one of the nicey, cutey animals stepped forward.

“Wow, that was really dumb,” it said.

Then they all started to walk away,

“Wait! I changed my mind! I’ll wear the mask!” the spooky, scary iguana exclaimed.

And then the spooky, scary iguana was friends with all the nicey, cutey animals because he put the mask back on and went against everything he just said.

He is a hypocrite.

Don’t be like the spooky, scary iguana.

Unless you are also spooky and scary.

And want friends who happen to give you a mask.




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