Elepanta, Rabita and the Waterfalls by Anonymous

Once, before there was any life on earth, there were three gods. The first being Mother Earth. She was loved by her children Elepanta and Rabita. They both loved her very much, but they argued all the time. Eventually, Mother Earth grew tired and could no longer care for earth. She would test her two children to see which one of them would be able to offer the most valuable resources for life on earth. She sent them to the barren earth to offer her newest creations, animals, gifts to help them thrive. She drew a line in the earth so they each had an equal amount of land to provide for. Then she told them that she would raise the winner’s side of earth 5,000 feet so that there would be no confusion about who won. Lastly, she told them that even after the competition they would have to keep providing their resource to the animals.

Rabita was the first to present her gifts to the animals. She noticed the animals were always exhausted, so she created trees and bushes so they could get energy from food. She also put predatory thoughts in their minds so they could also get energy from meat.

Next came Elepanta’s gift. As she was thinking about her gift, she kept in mind Rabita’s gift. As she looked down on the animals, she noticed that they were exhausted from exercising all day long because they had newfound energy. With this in mind, she made them a stream full of water. As it formed, the animals all rushed around it.

There was a clear winner and mother Earth didn’t have to think hard about who won. Rabita was upset that she did not win, so she took her half of the animals away from the water and kept them isolated from the other animals. Elepanta’s half of earth was now 5,000 feet above Rabita’s land. When Elepanta looked down on Rabita’s animals, she saw the same thing she did before she first made the stream. Now that she was in control of the earth, she knew she had to help these animals.

She then expanded her stream so that it fell down the other side of the cliff to the other animals. She named it a waterfall and it was spread out to the rest of the world so that all the animals they ever created could have water and nourishment. When it was time for the two goddesses to leave this world, the animals they had created wanted to remember them, so they called Rabita’s favorite animal the rabbit and Elepanta’s favorite animal the elephant. To this day, these animals roam the earth surviving on the water and food the goddesses provided for them.    

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