“Cielo, Tierra and the Beginning of Time” by Anonymous

From the depths of nothing, a star and a planet were born. Their names were Cielo, god of sky and father to all sky gods, and Tierra, goddess of Earth and planets, mother to all Earth, and planet gods. They lived in peace for many years, watching over the new gods of the Universe. However, Cielo heard a rumor that to be able to keep his mighty power, Earth and sky can never have children. Thus Cielo made a law so that no sky god or goddess may produce offspring with a god or goddess of Earth.

Eventually though a child of sky and a child of Earth fell in love and felt that the rule was spurious. Because of this, Gravita, goddess of gravity was born. Upon hearing of her birth Tierra sought to protect Gravita from Cielo’s wrath and hid her on Earth. Even so, word reached Cielo about the birth of a goddess from sky and Earth being hidden by Tierra on Earth. Cielo became furious and vowed to kill Gravita so as not to lose his power. Thus a feud between the sky and the Earth came to be. Until one day, It was no longer just a feud, it was a war.  Cielo and his descendants fought against Tierra and her descendants. But Tierra with her fierce protective instincts knew that to end this war, and with it all the suffering, she would have to trap Cielo, so she devised a plan. The next day she called off her descendants and surrendered.

“But,” she told Cielo, “you can only kill Gravita if you journey down to Earth and find her.” Little did he know when he traveled to Earth his powers would momentarily be stopped letting the Earth descendants have time to trap him.

“I will find her if it is the last thing I do!” He exclaimed not knowing the truth in his words.

He spent a day thinking over the offer given to him by Tierra, and by the end of the day he began to suspect something to be wrong so he went to Luna, his daughter and said

“If I am not back from Earth in seven days, you must look for me. But, whatever you do, do not travel to Earth if I do not come back, observe from above.”

“But father,” Luna asked, “Why must you go, you do not need all this power. You have a family that loves and cares for you. Why leave us to go kill a goddess who has done nothing wrong?” The thing with power though is that the more you have, the more you want and Cielo most certainly did not want to lose his power. So, ignoring Luna’s words about family, Cielo went on his way.

He traveled down to Earth but the moment his feet touched the ground he was held steadfast by Gravita’s power, and thrown into a great body of  water with force of ten gods

Shocked he cried “what have you done to me!” Moments later, Gravita appeared.

“This is the consequence of being selfish. Now you are trapped in the ocean to forever live there. You have not only forfeited your rule but also abandoned those who love you.”
“Please Gravita,” Cielo begged ” I have done nothing to deserve this treatment. Let me go back to family”

But without a word Gravita left leaving Cielo to be forever confined to the walls of the water.

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