“Spooky Snek” by Beanpole Bo

A snek. A snek

A spooky spooky snek

Watch out for the skary spooky snek!

He mite bite u, the spooky snek

He mite smite u, the spooky spooky snek

But he might enlighten u, the wise spooky snek

He might brighten u, the spooky spooky snek

He might also frighten u, the very spooky snek

Hav no fear, for the spooky snek is near

Hav much cheer! For the spooky snek is here

The spooky snek haz spoken

The spooky snek haz broken

My heart

Taken it apart

And put it bacc together

Into a spooky piece of art

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