“Colors” by Abi

Red is in the fire and the wind. It comes and goes as quickly or as slowly as it pleases. Red is strong, it will lift me off my feet and drop me back down. It will push and pull, burn and move until it goes away, only to be seen again when it pleases.

Yellow is light. It calls me out of bed in the morning from its seat in the sun. It runs and plays with the rain. It bends the light and molds all the colors into a rainbow.

Light green is in the trees and in all the new life that appears. It settles me down and talks to me. It is peace, it calms the strength of the red wind from it’s high seat in the trees.

Dark green is sad, it lays in the ocean, sits in a tree and runs on a hill. It is always there, behind or in front of me. It will call me names and laugh when I mess up.

Light blue is the sky,and water. It is happy, it welcomes me into the world every morning from the sky being lit up by the sun. It will call me to the top of a tree or into the ocean.

Dark blue is acceptance. It comes and goes with the dark green of the calling, it comes with the peace of light green and the happiness of light blue.

Purple is life it brings flowers and baby birds into the world in the spring. It is in the eyes and hearts of all.

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