“Memories for Sale” by Anonymous

“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”
“Also: baby blanket, toys and clothes.”
“Call number below. All prices negotiable.”
Objects are easy to throw away.
If only other things were also.
The memories you would not miss.
You would keep the good ones.
Exclamations of joy and marked calendars.
The cheerful smiles and warm hugs.
Lists of names, chosen by relatives.
Shopping trips for blankets and toys.
But you’d gladly give up others.
The white walls and blue beds.
The emotionless doctor breaking the news.
The hearts and dreams shattered instantaneously.
The sleepless nights and soaked pillows.
Forced smiles and answered phone calls.
Silent tears, eyes swollen and red.
Thin voices, words trembling and cracking.
The damper will never go away.

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