Editor’s Note – Vol. 2

Dear Readers,

One of the qualities we take pride in is our diversity. In each issue of The Finch, we strive to publish a wide variety of writing, which is why we make it a priority to include authors across all grade levels, genders, and points of view. This magazine is a reflection of a community, both within PCS and outside it, that celebrates diversity.

Despite the many different styles of writing, some pieces share common themes. In this issue, “Safety” (page 5) and “The Last Astronaut” (page 16) both use a light, playful tone to mask a deeper meaning. Often, great literature inspires great writing. In Ms. DeCaporale’s class, students studied Ernest Hemingway’s famed six word story, and modeled their own short stories, consisting of six word lines, after his. You can read a sample of student responses on pages 12 and 13, and view a larger selection on our new website, thefinchmagazine.com. The website also features an archive of writing and art containing every piece ever published and more, as well as convenient ways to submit creative writing, art, photography, and posts for our blog.

We hope the website will further encourage creative expression. We are always open to new ways to improve and expand The Finch, and we welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions or concerns, email us at pcs.literary.magazine@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form on our website.

We hope you enjoy this incredible selection from PCS student authors and artists.


Isabel Folger, Editor in Chief
Anna Lauridsen, Editor in Chief
Rina Rossi, Assistant Editor

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