“The Weird Day” by Anonymous

Just an average day of school.
Just a average girl in class.
Just another test that is taken.
Just another bathroom break that’s given.
Just another walk down the hallway.
Just another trip to the bathroom.
But no, that’s not what happens.
She steadily walks to the bathroom.
Reads the sign, it says vacant.
She turns the handle and pushes.
Slowly opens the extremely heavy door.
Suddenly she hears a piercing scream.
The young man: never this frightened.
All he is expecting is peace.
Yells curse words and is shocked.
Girl: most mortification she’s ever experienced.
Door: hurriedly shuts after yelling profanities.
Briskly walks back to class horrified.
Sits down in class in silence.
Whole class is looking, everything heard.
Laughter fills all of the classroom.

Dedicated to [name emitted] and [name emitted].



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