“Mothers With Diseases” by Saskia Wade

Four years old in San Francisco.
The highest room in the building.
Fireworks booming outside the window.
I wonder if she’ll be okay.
Six more years of difficult days.
Dealing with pain, tears, hospital visits.
Bought her a little stone raccoon.
From the gift shop down stairs.
Ten years old ; it’s summer time.
Time to go visit with grandmother.
It’s fourth of July again.
Except one week turned into three.
Now for a colostomy ; new troubles.
It might be permanent? F*ck no!
We take care of her though.
And now it’s April of this year.
Surgery number three, moving more things.
The recovery may take a while.
Bur right now we’re doing alright?
Yes. Right now we’re doing alright.


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