“Meow!!!” by Anonymous

Kittens for sale. Soft and cuddly.
Many kittens yowl, protesting their captivity.
A kitten silent hatching a plot.
A child searching for some joy.
Kitten, child, go home for tonight.
Kitten creates a city. Destruction follows.
Now a cat chewing on catnip.
Couch in ribbons stuffing spewing out.
Mother yells. this stupid cat ugh.
Cat snuggling purring.  Child and cat.
Cat gone disappeared into the night.
Father throws cat out of car.
Girl crying screaming tantrums never ending.
Cat alone afraid. Wants his girl.
Running forever. finds nothing at all.
Girl puts posters everywhere. Cat reward!
Streets all the same. No change.
Dogs bark at every corner. Terror.
Dad’s sprawled in street. Scratches. Mystery.
Cat at home purring in joy.


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