“Better” by Student #74

And so I am changed
I don’t have to ask whether
You’ll always be there
To hold me together

You bring back what I lost
The boy and the child
All the happy thoughts
The tendencies wild

So I hate what I was
So out of my control
You make me remember
How to take back my soul

Here hugging my pillow
Scared of the dark
So many old memories
That tear me apart

I can cry and remember
But neither will last
I can play with the present
And forget all that’s past

I see all the other kids
Who dress to impress
But I just wore hand-me-downs
That couldn’t care less

For all these false starts
Less yes’s more no’s
I’m taking control
I new here, and slow

I’m catching up
I’m changing fast
I’m coming to get you world.
I’m coming to get my girl.


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