“Cake” by A Baker

Let’s make a cake, why not?
Let’s make it colorful, and new.
Teal, purple, pink and blue swirls.
Never quite complete. Eggs, water, mix.
Oven temperature: 350 degrees, baked complete.
Can not find the cake stand. Damn!
Where could it be? Cupboard? Living-room?
Found it! On the living-room shelf
It shimmers like a diamond.  Beautiful!
It must be old. It’s tilted.
Frosting: Butter, Chocolate Powder, Powdered Sugar
Two sticks, one cup, one cup
Not combining. Add a little milk.
Perfect frosting. Chocolate buttercream. The best.
Cutting into a burst of color.
Each slice is a new masterpiece.
Thickly coated in delicious chocolate frosting.
Soft, moist, brightly colored. Delicious cake.
Five plates, five forks, one cake.
Smiles shared. Lips licked. Forks scraping.


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