“Bridges” by Regulus A. Black

I know the bridges won’t fail.
I swear, the bridges are strong.
They are always on the horizon.
They stand with the rocky hills.
They kneel with the soft beaches.
They cower under the big airplanes.
And they wave at the small.
The bridges are angled, and sharp.
They are bent, rusted, and old.
They have been shaken, and rocked.
They have been baked and frozen.
The bridges like the tiny people.
They watch as they walk across.
The bridges will even sometimes sing.
But not always, people get scared.
They think the bridges will fail.
I know the bridges won’t fail.
The bridges will likely be tested.
They will be strained and pulled.
Some bridges will be mostly forgotten.
Some will be taken apart slowly.
The best will stay a while.
They will be strong, and memorable.
Don’t forget the bridges you made.
Don’t forget to walk their paths.
They are there to hold you.
They are made to last forever.
They are crafted in good metals.
And they travel to good people.
So never worry, but don’t forget.
They are there for you, remember.
Never think the bridges will fail.
I know the Bridges won’t fail.

illustration by Kathryn Haney

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